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15th Feb 2020

Bride baby wears her toddler down the aisle and we can’t deal with the cuteness

Melissa Carton

This is so sweet.

Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly common for couples to have children before they get married.

My son was four years at my wedding and when I look at the photos I do wish my daughter, who was born the following year, could have been part of it too.

It’s wonderful to be able to incorporate your child into your wedding day but I have to say that the way that this bride did it is beyond beautiful and the photographs are just adorable.

This photo tugs at my heartstrings so hard, it’s such a wonderful mother and daughter moment.

Dalton Mort want her two-year-old daughter Ellora to be a big part of her wedding day and she decided that baby wearing Ellora down the aisle would be the perfect way to do that.

Dalton hired Laura Schaefer of Fire and Gold Photography to capture this once in a lifetime moment and I think we can all that she succeeded in capturing some beautiful shots.

I love how Ellora is accented in pink, purple and blue to make her stand out. She also beautifully matches the flowers in her mother’s hair.

Speaking to PopSugar Dalton talked about her reasons for wanting to baby wear Ellora;

“I wore her for a couple of reasons. We really wanted her to be involved in the ceremony, because we felt marriage is a commitment to our family as much as our own relationship.

Also, realistically, it just was easier to wear her. We knew the mass was going to be at least 45 minutes and was smack in the middle of naptime. She was going to need Momma, and I didn’t want to be worried about her. She actually fell asleep about 20 minutes in.”

I think these photos are so special and a wonderful reminder of the mother and daughter bond that Dalton and Ellora share.

I also really hope they do some sort of photo at Ellora’s wedding with the same shawl because that would be gorgeous.