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09th Oct 2022

These rare baby girl names were used only five times last year

Melissa Carton

You never want your child to end up being the fifth kid in their class with the same name.

It happens a lot, especially with popular names that are constantly topping the polls of the top ten names.

Not every name makes the cut when it comes to the ‘most-used’ list and in fact, some monikers last year were used just five times.

Yes, that’s right, less than five times!

If you’re expecting a little girl and want to give her a name you’re sure that no one else in her class will have then this list is for you.

According to theĀ United States Social Security Administration, these 15 names were used only five times last year across the whole of the USA so you can be sure that they were used even less in Ireland.

  1. Kadia
  2. Mavy
  3. Sabree
  4. Yvaine
  5. Rysa
  6. Aelin
  7. Bretta
  8. Julene
  9. Lalia
  10. Jady
  11. Hanne
  12. Varya
  13. Adeliza
  14. Astor
  15. Maryse

I love how many of these names feel classic but have a little bit of a modern twist. It will definitely mean that your daughter will stand out from the crowd.