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27th Jul 2023

I thought my sister was playing cruel prank when she shared baby’s name

Her sister told her she liked the name since her baby’s funeral.

A mum thought her sister was playing a “cruel prank” on her when she revealed she had given her baby the same name as her late daughter.

The mum was pregnant with twins a few years ago but suffered complications during her pregnancy. Only one of her babies survived, a boy called Henry, but her daughter passed away. She decided to call her beloved little girl Daphne.

Years after Daphne’s passing, the mum’s sister announced she was pregnant for the first time. She kept her baby’s name a secret until after she gave birth, but the mum couldn’t believe the name she chose for the infant.

Writing on Reddit, the heartbroken mum confirmed that her sister also called her baby Daphne. She admitted that she thought her sister was playing some sort of “cruel prank” on her when she revealed the news.

“She became pregnant recently and refused to announce a name until a few days after birth. The baby girl was called Theodora which is beautiful.

“I was bringing presents to her and saw my dad building a huge toy box with “Daphne” on it. When I questioned, I was told the baby is called Daphne and only Theodora on paper.

“No one will use the full name, only her nickname. All my family knew and supported her,” she revealed.

The mum was understandably furious with her sister and started to shout at her.

“She came out and told me to f*** off, I don’t own a name and she liked it since my baby’s funeral.”

The woman’s family has sided with the sister and doesn’t understand why the mum is so upset.

“My baby is not here so there is no confusion and don’t see why I caused a scene and ruined a happy time and why can’t I be happy for her.”

They also called her “petty and cruel” following the incident.

However, the mum doesn’t believe she’s done anything wrong, and we agree. She has every right to be upset with her sister. She said her family wants her to apologise for her “outburst” but she has instead decided to distance herself from them instead.

“I will not be reaching out to any of the family any time soon,” she stressed.