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09th Jul 2020

Zendaya, John David Washington and Sam Levinson complete a movie in 2 weeks during lockdown

That’s a pretty impressive feat.

The secret film, titled Malcolm & Marie, has now completed shooting and none of us knew that it was even happening. Doesn’t mean we’re not dying to see it though.

Apparently, Zendaya contacted Sam Levinson after production on the second season of his HBO series Euphoria was forced to stop because of Covid-19 restrictions. The actress asked him if he would be able to write and direct a movie during quarantine. Cleary he agreed, and just six days later, he had a draft of Malcolm & Marie ready to go.

According to Deadline, the film was shot from June 17 to July 2 at Caterpillar House, an environmentally conscious glass house in Carmel, California. Coronavirus restrictions were all supposedly adhered to during the filming of the movie.

There were no more than 12 people allowed on set at any given time. Each set member would take on a number of duties. Co-executive producers Harrison Kreiss, for example, would help with tracking scripts, stocking craft services and standing in for lighting. Cast members were in charge of their own costumes and mics and extra time was allowed for the crew to sanitise the set and gear. No crew member could be in close contact with the actors without the proper personal protective equipment.

The entire team had to take multiple tests over the course of filming and they all quarantined in Monterey for two weeks before filming began. During those two weeks, they all wore masks, social distanced in their own dwellings with individual HVAC units, they took hikes, rehearsed in the parking lot and, in designated spots, ate food prepared by a chef who had been quarantined with them.

When filming started, the cast and crew were shuttled in to the set each day in large SUVs from the quarantine location, with cast in a separate car with the same driver to minimise possible exposure. Food was always individually wrapped with boxed water available and all cutlery, plates, and cups were disposable.

They seriously pulled out ALL the stops.

Even with all of this extra care, the entire thing took just 15 days to make. They’re still not telling us what it’s about but apparently it has echoes of Netflix’s Marriage Story and also resonates with a number of social themes that the world is experiencing right now.

It’s pretty safe to say that we cannot wait to watch this.