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25th Jul 2023

Woman sparks debate after admitting she doesn’t wash her pyjamas every day

Aisling Keenan

Just like the age-old bed covers debate, Allison Delperdang’s TikTok about washing her pyjamas has caused serious online debate about what exactly is best practice.

How often do you wash your pyjamas? It seems, based on the comments under Allison’s TikTok post, that the results vary pretty wildly. Responses included “What do you mean? I change them every 6-7 nights” and “yep same PJs for a month and then change”.

Looking at it from an environmental perspective, you’d have to consider multiple wears as the better option, but that seems to be a controversial viewpoint, as many of the responses to Allison’s post insisted on a pair of PJs per night.

Allison asked: “I need to know if people wear pyjamas, like, multiple nights in a row.”

Showing the PJs she had on at the time, she continued: “I’ve worn these, like, three nights in a row. So I need to know if, like, as adults, we’re still doing that, or should I be literally making dirty clothes every single night?”

@allisondelperdang what are adults doing these days? Asking for a friend… #pajamas #laundry #sleep #sleepover #adulting #adult #DoritosTriangleTryout ♬ original sound – Allison Delperdang

Credit: TikTok/@allisondelperdang

The issue of sweating when you sleep seems to have been of concern to some viewers of hers, with one saying “No! When you sleep you sweat. Why would I wear that again?”

There was also a comment on Allison’s post that said “Zero pyjamas, zero worries” and to be fair, that does remove much of the confusion around the issue – but the overall takeaway seems to be, once you are personally comfortable with your decision, the choice is yours as to how often you wash yours.

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