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23rd May 2016

Could there be a Happy Endings comeback on the cards?

We need a Happy Ending for this show!

Happy Endings was bleedin’ hilarious.

It was one of E4‘s offerings that I recall spendings hours upon hours watching on the couch. It was like Friends mixed with a funnier How I Met Your Mother. God bless.

At the Happy Endings reunion at Vulture festival in New York, both the cast and crew hinted at a possible comeback of the ABC sitcom.

Fans of the series will remember Penny, Jane, Alex, Dave, Max and Brad as the stars of the sitcoms and we’ve been hoping for a reboot ever since the show suddenly ended in 2013 after only three seasons.

Happy Endings creator David Caspe admitted that if the series were to go ahead, it would have to be funded properly, saying they don’t want

“to do six episodes shot on an iPhone,” but “if someone would actually let us do it the real way, then everyone would want to do it.”

Caspe says they would “do anything,” whether the project would materialise as another season or perhaps a movie.

“It’s fun, so why not?” he said.

pennyPenny was always my fave. via Giphy

Damon Wayans Jr. and Zachary Knighton who starred as Brad and Dave both said they’d rather do a series, even though a movie would also “be cool.”

Please make one or the other! I’M IN NEED!

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