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26th Mar 2019

Watch: The trailer for Noah Centineo’s new Netflix movie has dropped and OMG

Olivia Hayes

The trailer for The Perfect Date has just dropped and you might fall even more in love with Noah Centineo.

He was coined the Internet’s Boyfriend when To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before came out last year and it seems like he hasn’t let that title go.

It’s safe to say that everyone fell in love with him and since his rise to stardom he hasn’t stopped. He’s now in three Netflix flicks – TATBILB, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser – and now The Perfect Date.

The Perfect Date sees him being a broke school student that dreams of going to an Ivy League school, however he doesn’t have the money for it.

He ends up being paid to go on a date with with a sassy girl called Celia Lieberman (Laura Marano), and then comes up with a brilliant idea – or so he thinks.

Noah’s character, Brooks, creates a website which sees him offering dates in exchange for payment. He ends up filling in on LOADS of dates, and then finally ends up with the rich girl of his dreams.

But does everything work out for him? Doubtful, because it is, in fact, a movie and of course there’s going to be drama.

There’s no word yet on when the movie will drop on Netflix in Ireland but it’s due out in the US on April 12.