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03rd Jun 2016

WATCH – Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Mariah Carey in the most Mariah Carey way possible

Ellen Tannam

Mariah Carey is the world’s most infamous diva and we love her for it.

From her claiming still in the year 2016 that she ‘doesn’t know’ Jennifer Lopez, to one of her albums describing her as an ‘elusive chanteuse’, she is majestic and I worship her.

One of her most notorious moments is the appearance she made on iconic MTV show Cribs in the early 2000s.

She uses a Stairmaster exercise machine in lingerie and heels, and even takes a dip in a bathtub for the cameras.

(via YouTube/peter1988)

Mimi recently made a stop to have a chat with Jimmy Kimmel, and they had the most glamorous time ever. They began their interview totally normally, but they then hopped into a bathtub together to be served champagne by shirtless hunks, in true Mariah style.

It’s beautiful.

(via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)