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13th Apr 2022

WATCH: Cat photobombs Sky News coverage of Boris Johnson scandal

This cat is an icon.

A cat has just made everyone on the internet burst out laughing after it photobombed a Sky News report last night.

Deputy political editor Sam Coates was trying to deliver the news that Boris Johnson’s partygate scandal was causing him to pay a hefty fine, but all the attention went somewhere else during the broadcast.

As he reported live on air, Sam’s pet cat decided to make an appearance in the shot and his appearance didn’t go unnoticed.

Presenter Mark Austin made sure to point out the fluffy intruder, making sure all viewers at home got to witness it.

“He’s got his cat there with him, I’m very pleased to see that,” the host said before adding: “So, some news about Carrie Johnson?”

Trying to ignore what was happening with his cat, he continued to read a statement from Johnson’s spokesperson, but the cat’s paws were still on the screen.

Once his report was finished, Mark again brought up the photobomber once again, saying: “Sam Coates dealing with his cat and a big story. Thank you very much indeed.”

Viewers were left in stitches over the cat’s appearance, praising the unplanned cameo as it brought some ease to the broadcast.

One person wrote: “@SamCoatesSky trying to keep his cat off-screen whilst simultaneously landing a big story is exactly what I need from my news coverage.”

Another said: “More of Sky News Sam Coates’ cat please. And less of Johnson’s lies.”

A third added: “Sam Coates on Sky News taming his pet cat. Excitement jumps the species barrier.”

A fourth said: “I wanted to see all of the cat and hoped it would have got past him and jump onto his lap. The main attraction.”