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23rd Feb 2022

Viewers praise powerful Kate Garraway documentary about husband Derek


Kate Garraway has left viewers heartbroken after her latest documentary, admitting she is “terribly lonely” since her husband Derek became seriously ill.

The TV presenter has been caring for her husband after he caught Covid in March 2020 and has been suffering the effects of long Covid since, now being cared for at home.

In Kate’s second documentary, Caring for Derek, she brought viewers through an intimate looking into how the Covid is still impacting his life.

Kate was praised for her “patience and strength” throughout her journey with Derek over the last two years, as she openly spoke about her husband’s condition and how it affects her family.

When Derek caught Covid in the early days of the pandemic, he was put into an induced coma by doctors as Kate revealed he would die if left unattended for more than three days.

A very emotional Kate said at one point: “People are really kind and say I’m an inspiration but I’m really struggling – and I think it’s important for people to know that, cos I’m sure they’re struggling in their life too in whatever way.

“I think one of the worst things is the terrible loneliness… from having him here but not here. It’s really indescribable. It’s just so hard. I can sort of see him, but he’s absent – and you just feel very much on your own, all the time.

“I still hope we’ll have a happy ending, but ultimately it just feels unsustainable.”

The documentary left viewers moved to tears, as psychologist Jo Hemmings wrote on Twitter: “And what is most wonderful of all is that @kategarraway allows her husband to retain his dignity in the darkest of times. Her humility and kindness is just awe inspiring.”

Another viewer wrote: “What a beautiful family you have. I’m smiling and crying watching you all this evening. Thank you for sharing and allowing your journey to support others. Wishing you all a world of love and best wishes xxx.”

A third said: “The patience and strength you and the family possess Kate is so admirable.”