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13th Sep 2018

Viewers couldn’t get their heads around Vogue Williams’ documentary on open relationships last night

Did you tune in?

Denise Curtin

Is monogamy dead?

Diving into the world of polyamorous relationships last night, Vogue William’s travelled around the country and overseas to investigate what draws people into an open relationship. Asking the nitty-gritty, the presenter enquired how it works, how people equally split their time amongst multiple partners and why one partner just isn’t enough.

Meeting an array of characters, from Kevin and Evita who were once monogamous, the pair told Vogue that they now opt for a polyamorous way of life and admitted that jealousy can play a large factor. Fair.

And although the whole show seemed to baffle an audience who, by the looks of the reactions, are mainly monogamous, they predominantly couldn’t get their heads around Mary.

Mary, a 44-year-old woman from Manchester, has a husband, a live-in partner and two boyfriends. Vogue, who tried to remain open-minded throughout the whole thing, couldn’t even get her own head around Mary’s setup describing her as “a bit of a greedy boots”.

And viewers totally agreed.

At the end of the documentary, although happy to have learnt more about why people chose the option to have multiple partners over one, Vogue admitted it isn’t for her.

The 32-year-old who tied the knot earlier this year, welcomed her first child last week alongside husband, Spencer Matthews. And so, neither she, nor we can see her changing her tune anytime soon.

You can catch the documentary here.