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13th Mar 2018

Tom and Abby from Queer Eye have gotten engaged and we are far too emotional

Jade Hayden


First things first alright, if you haven’t watched Netflix’s Queer Eye, you need to watch Netflix’s Queer Eye. 

Stop what you’re doing, close this article, go home from work, and just watch it, right now.

It’s beautiful, it’s funny, it’s heartwarming, and it’s genuinely the nicest show on TV at the moment.

Arguably, what made Queer Eye the stunning success that it has become was the Tom episode.

The first episode of the series followed Tom Jackson as the Fab Five gave him the confidence boost he so desperately needed, a whole new wardrobe, and a bit of colour corrector for his lupus.

At the end of the episode, Tom also found it in himself to ask his ex-wife Abby on a date.

They went to his car show, held hands, and then went back to his new gaff to eat some guacamole.

Everybody cried, Tom was delighted, and it was genuinely beautiful.

However, back in September, Tom and Abby decided to call it quits  – Tom never gave the details behind their split, choosing not to tweet about it until quite recently.

And then, a mere few days later, Tom announced that the pair were back together… and yesterday, they announced their literal engagement.

Yeah lads, that’s right, Tom and Abby are getting married. Love isn’t dead after all, it seems.

Bless them, like.

In his post, Tom hinted that the Fab Five should plan his wedding and they should all do a Netflix special out of it which, yeah alright, is probably a bit of a reach in fairness.

But if he does manage to swing that special, we know we’ll be the first to watch it.