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06th Jun 2016

Lindsay Lohan shared a ‘Parent Trap’ throwback and it’s just great

What a film though.


The Parent Trap is one of those classic films that reminds you of your childhood, probably because you watched it on repeat more than a few times.

Lindsay Lohan and her latest Instagram post are breaking the internet because the actress only went and visited the house that was Annie’s London home.

Standing outside the picture perfect home, numbered 23, Lindsay was quick to point out the fact that it was number seven in the film.

Fans of The Parent Trap will remember this but just in case you’ve never seen it (in that case, go look it up now), Lindsay Lohan played both Hallie and Annie in the popular movie.

Hallie lived with her father in California while Annie lived with her mother in London and one summer during a chnace meeting, the girls realise they’re long-lost sisters.

Bonkers but great.