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19th Mar 2024

Five ridiculous things we noticed in Lindsay Lohan’s new film Irish Wish

Anna Martin

Irish Wish. Irish I could unsee it

That was an easy joke, but in all seriousness, the new Lindsay Lohan flick just isn’t good.

Funnily enough, I watched it on St Patrick’s Day, because I was feeling patriotic, but what I felt was cringe with all the shamrocks, shillelaghs, and shenanigans on screen.

For some context, the rom-com is set here in Ireland and follows the tale of Maddie who wishes that her best friend’s fella Paul Kennedy would marry her instead, and a Freaky Friday-like switcharoo happens.

If you’re looking for a serious representation of Irish culture, don’t watch this flick but to be honest, if you go into it knowing it’s just going to be silly, fun, and at times cringe, you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Before you go running to your Netflix account, there are a few particularly ridiculous things to know about the movie.

English accents

Irish wish
Credit: Netflix

Despite being a film set in Ireland, largely about Ireland, playing on Irish-isms there are a lot of English accents, even from the characters meant to be from here.

The man Lindsay Lohan is in love with first, Paul Kennedy, has this odd hybrid posh English mixed with a stereotypical Irish accent that he keeps slipping in and out of.

Not to mention his brother Kory who has that sing-song way of speaking we’re all sick of hearing when people try to imitate us.

Losing luggage

This is not to say we don’t lose luggage in Ireland, we most certainly do but maybe in Dublin or Shannon Airport.

The idea of losing your suitcase in Knock is just wild, there’s one baggage claim.

The bus

Irish wish
Credit: Netflix

This might be a random one to pick on but why did the bus from Knock Airport that Maddie took to Paul’s ancestral home of Kennedy House look like it appeared out of the 1940s?

The best part is that this is a magical taxi bus that drops you right at the door of your destination and reverses back down the windy narrow lane to continue on its rounds.

Did we mention that this bus appears to be completely free?

St Brigid

Oh Lordy, where to even begin with this one?

Let’s start with the obviously, St Brigid isn’t some sort of magical fairy being who went around granting wishes to random brokenhearted Americans so it just doesn’t make sense.

Then again do any romcoms make sense?

Either way, the costume choice for the character was borderline hilarious, like seriously what saint/fairy being has a visible zipper on the back of their dress?


Irish wish
Credit: Netflix

When Maddie asks for a glass of white wine after she and James take shelter in a bar after a random storm blows in.

The server says if you don’t drink stout you run the risk of being banished or shunned.

Firstly we’re pretty sure by stout he means Guinness and secondly, you’re not going to be ousted, there’s plenty of people who don’t like the black stuff.