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24th Nov 2016

There is a Rory Gilmore inspired wedding dress

Elegant and pretty, just like Rory.

On the eve of the revival, we’re obsessing over everything Gilmore, and we’re not alone.

A Bridal website has even created a wedding dress inspired by Rory Gilmore. Floravere has designed a simple floral gown which they have called the R. Gilmore.


”This curve-hugging strapless sweetheart gown is the iconoclast’s take on tradition. Individually embroidered flowers are hand-sewn on for a subtly fresh texture on a classic, elegant silhouette. The R.Gilmore honors the woman who embraces tradition, but adds her own personality and verve to it, who is beautiful and smart, witty and kind, independent and deeply rooted.” The wedding site said.


The company didn’t stop with a gown as they have actually planned an entire Gilmore themed wedding from venue to food to drinks.

They reckon the venue would be an Inn of course, dry martinis would be the drinks and there would be burgers, tacos and pop tarts.

Who knows if Rory will tie the knot in the highly-anticipated revival? and if she does there are three very likely grooms in Dean, Logan and Jess. But if she did decide to get married we could definitely see her in this simple, yet subtly detailed gown.

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