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23rd Sep 2019

The Jinx has officially been voted the best true crime documentary to watch

Rebecca O'Keeffe

the jinx

Looks class.

Is anyone else addicted to true crime these days?

From The Ted Bundy Tapes to Abducted In Plain Sight, we just can’t get enough at the moment.

And if you find yourself looking for something to watch – we may have something for you.

According to RankerThe Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst has been highlighted as the best true crime documentary.

The HBO miniseries follows the life of New York real estate heir Robert Durst.

Durst was accused of the murder of his wife Kathie in 1982, the execution of writer Susan Berman in 2000 and the dismemberment of his neighbour Morris Black in 2001.


Robert Durst was suspected of the first two crimes, and admitted to the third, pleading self defence.

Just like Making A MurdererThe Jinx is made up of existing media footage, police footage, security footage and old interviews, along with a number of recent interviews and various reenactments.

Following The Jinx in second place was Netflix’s Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, a documentary created by Kurt Kuenne.

Anyway, if you need us, we’ll be watching true crime for the next 12 months.