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07th Dec 2023

EastEnders fans are furious over this major Christmas Day change

Kat O'Connor

EastEnders fans are not too happy about this change

The EastEnders Christmas special is getting a lot of attention and it hasn’t even aired yet.

Fans of the soap have been tuning into the Christmas special for decades, but the 2023 episode is set to be its biggest yet.

And as excited as fans are, people are not too impressed with the schedule change the BBC has made.

The Christmas episode is set to air much later this year and people are slamming the broadcaster for making such a drastic change.

EastEnders is set to air on Christmas Day at 9.45 pm.

Fans were furious over the change with many expressing their disappointment online.

“They’re really making us wait for this Christmas special,” one said.

“I’ll be fast asleep by then,” another added.

“9:45 for EastEnders? wow, that’s late,” one added.

Viewers may have to wait until later on Christmas Day to enjoy the episode, but viewers will finally find out which character has been killed off in the December 25th episode.

The show has been teasing a major death in this year’s Christmas special, but fans are still trying to figure out who it will be.

The episode synopsis reads:

“In a flash, Denise, Kathy, Linda, Sharon, Stacey, and Suki’s lives are permanently changed forever as a Walford male meets his fate in The Vic.”

Earlier today, EastEnders confirmed that Jack, Nish, Dean, and Phil are at risk in the Christmas episode.

Keanu, Ravi, and Rocky are also in the firing line. One of them won’t survive on Christmas Day.

The EastEnders Christmas Special airs on December 25th at 9.45 pm.