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14th Dec 2017

Stars In Their Eyes’ Matthew Kelly looks like a different person these days

Stars In Their Eyes' Matthew Kelly

Stars in their Eyes was a hugely popular Saturday night programme in the 90s and host Matthew Kelly was a well-known face.

Although we haven’t heard much from him in recent times, the TV personality appeared on Good Morning Britain today to chat about a new theatre project.

Although we remember him with a thick beard and dark grey hair, Matthew is now clean-shaven with white locks.

Twitter users couldn’t get over the change either with one person even comparing him to Sir Ian McKellen and another describing him as similar to the male character in Pixar animation Up.

Sixty-seven-year-old Matthew was there to chat about his upcoming play The Box of Delights which will run at a London music hall until the first week in January.

In case you need reminding of the joy that was Stars in Their Eyes, check out the below clip. They need to bring this show back…