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03rd Dec 2018

Did you spot this reference to Pete Davidson’s genitals in the Thank U, Next music video?

'I'm so f*cking grateful for my ex...'

Denise Curtin

Ariana is dropping hints about Pete’s pecker.

In the long-awaited Thank U, Next music video, Ariana Grande did not just deliver the break-up anthem 2018 needs but also the music video which brought back a whole heap of nostalgia to every 90s kid ever.

Recreating scenes from Legally Blonde to 13 Going On 30 and Mean Girls, Ariana reflects on her exes and the impact they had on her life.

In one scene, the star is lying on her bed writing into a “Burn Book” similar to the one spotted on Mean Girls – while opened on a page of Pete Davidson, Ariana wrote “sorry I dipped” – revealing that she must have been the one to end the relationship as well as the words “HUUUUUGE” which we can only imagine refers to the SNL star’s reportedly big willy.

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In a now-deleted tweet from when they were an item, Ariana tweeted about the size of her fiancé’s penis admitting that it was in fact, huge – “10 inches” huge.

The term Big Dick Energy “BDE” was then derived from this. Big Dick Energy is about having the aura, the vibe, the energy and the confidence that one would have with a big dick despite the actual size of your genitalia. Want to know more? You can read about it here.

But yep, it appears Pete was packing and Ariana Grande made sure the world knew it in her latest music vid which you can watch in full below.