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12th Nov 2018

The Spice Girls are changing their ‘Girl Power’ slogan and this is the reason why

Orlaith Condon

saara aalto

It’s all change.

It’s a new era for the Spice Girls with the band reforming as a four-person lineup ahead of their tour next year.

And that’s not the only change the gals are making.

In their most recent interview, they revealed that they plan to change their famous slogan ‘Girl Power’ to keep up with the times.


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“I think it’s more than that [Girl Power] – it’s ‘People Power’,” Geri said on Lorraine today.

“It’s People Power… equality, everything. It’s all-inclusive now,” Emma explained.

“We’re about equality and bringing everyone together.”

Geri revealed that last year’s #MeToo movement resulted in the four-piece reevaluating their slogan.

“We use the word feminism. Look it up in the dictionary – equalisation between women and men – it’s everybody.

“The last year was very dark, the whole #MeToo thing. It had to happen.

“Honesty is paramount to healing, but then we move into the light.”