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01st Dec 2023

Sam Thompson opens up about his ADHD diagnosis on ‘I’m A Celeb’

Jody Coffey

Getty & Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson has opened up about receiving his ADHD diagnosis on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’.

The ‘Made in Chelsea’ star has been a positive force within the camp with the amount of ‘energy’ he has been commented on multiple times by his fellow campmates.

While sitting with Marvin Humes and Josie Gibson, he was asked by the JLS star what age he was diagnosed with ADHD, to which Sam revealed it was just ‘last year’.

“There’s loads of people who are actually like of a certain age who get diagnosed way later,” the ‘Staying Relevant’ podcast host said.

Sam went on to explain that his long-time girlfriend, Zara McDermott, helps to keep him grounded.

“When the low bits happen it goes low. But then the highs are really high. My girlfriend Zara is so steady and it’s so good for me. When she’s going steady I’m going like that [makes wavy line].”

He also explained some of the ways that ADHD shows up in his life and how it feels for him.

“My time keeping is terrible. I get quite selfish, not just with her [my girlfriend], with everyone, my mates or whatever. My listening to Zara [McDermott]… I’m just finding myself staring off at something completely different. You sort of feel like you’re a bit of a k*** sometimes.”

‘This Morning’ host, Josie, then chimed in and said: “But you would not be Sam without it,” to which Marvin added “I would just always say you’ve got loads of energy. Your energy is crazy bro and it’s what makes you great.”

The social media personality then got candid about being undiagnosed in his school years saying the signs he had ADHD were always there.

“Weird no one spotted it beforehand at school, but if you look at all of my report cards, every single one says the same, it says: ‘Likeable enough guy, but lacks focus’. It’s staring at you in the face.

“If I’d known as a kid, not much would have changed, but how you feel about yourself probably changes. I remember crying into my textbook because I couldn’t understand the words going into my head. You want to do good. You don’t want to be mischievous or anything like that,” he shared.

The reality TV star also revealed to the two campmates that he wants to become a father in the future.

“I want to be a dad at some point. That’s another thing, we’ve got to get a handle on it. You’ve got to look after a child,” to which the JLS singer responded, “You would be the most incredible dad.”

“What you’re doing now, sitting down, having an honest conversation, being able to listen, advise,” Sam said.

Marvin then offered his co-star this fatherly advice: “Trust me, all my kids care about is giving them attention, being with them in the moment, loving them, cuddling them, they just want to have all of you and to be as fun as possible and feel loved.”

In the Bush Telegraph, the ‘Made in Chelsea’ star says it’s something he is not ‘ashamed’ to have, but an earlier diagnosis would have helped his confidence.

“I’m not ashamed of having ADHD in any way. But I know that I would have felt better about myself at school if I’d been diagnosed with it at a younger age. I really was just like, ‘I just suck at everything’.”

Viewers were quick to commend Sam for his honesty as well as his campmates response to his omission.

“This was the moment i was waiting for Sam to have – full acceptance for being him. Well done Marvin,” one wrote.

“Marvin and Josie really listened to him and approached it so well without being dismissive of his experience. This was such a sweet moment,” another added.

“Telling a person with ADHD that you love them with the ADHD is so Importent [important]. They hear very often how they should stop or be quieter or be more this or that or be different don’t be yourself. Well done Marv,” a third commented.

“People don’t usually listen or really want to know when you try to explain, this is really refreshing, made cry a little bit,” another user admitted.

“It must be so hard locked In your mind like that I don’t really understand adhd that well but Sam given me better understanding love him and marve is one amazing man love him,” one wrote.

Sam has quickly become one of the viewer’s favourites on the reality survival show this year, having been elected camp leader by the public, as well as the favourite to win in the bet makers.