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31st Aug 2018

Roxanne Pallett’s fiancé makes a surprising claim about Celebrity Big Brother’s Ryan

Keeley Ryan

“He was throwing his weight around.”

Roxanne Pallett’s fiancé Lee Walton has claimed that her Celebrity Big Brother housemate Ryan Thomas once threatened her before an awards show.

Since both soap stars entered the house earlier this month, it has been rumoured that they were locked in a decade-long feud.

And now Lee has backed the rumours, claiming that the former Coronation Street actor tried to intimidate Roxanne over a dress that she wore to the British Soap Awards ten years ago.

He accused the actor of calling Roxanne and demanding that she switch her dress choice after he found out one of his co-stars was planning on wearing the same thing.

He told new! magazine [via Metro]:

“Roxanne said Ryan rang her and told her, ‘Don’t wear that dress tonight.’ He was throwing his weight around. She was obviously p***ed off.

“Then when she was at the event, she says he came up to her and said to her again, ‘I hope you haven’t brought that dress and you’re not going to wear it tonight.’

“Then added, ‘Cos you know the consequences,’ and walked off.

“Roxanne wore the dress anyway and was photographed in it and was all over the front pages. I think after that they haven’t spoken.”

The claims come after last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother saw Roxanne accuse Ryan of punching her “like a boxer” after some playful sparring.

This led to the actor receiving a formal warning from Big Brother and fans demand that Roxanne be removed from the house