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19th Aug 2018

This is who could be replacing Stormy Daniels on CBB and we’re NOT happy

Orlaith Condon

Lock the doors.

We have to admit, after bashing the show for the last few seasons, this year’s Celebrity Big Brother has caught our attention somewhat.

From Gabby Allen and Dan Osborne being thrown into the house together after affair rumours and Stormy Daniels’ no-show, we’ve been a little curious to see what’s been going on inside the Big Brother house.

And while the reveal that Stormy Daniels would not be entering the house as planned was disappointing, the news of who could replace her is even more so.

Samantha Markle has hinted that she has been approached by producers about entering the house after Stormy’s last-minute dropout.

Yes, Meghan Markle’s vocal sister is apparently in talks to become the big name on this year’s show.

“Producers have been in touch with Samantha but swore her to secrecy,” a source said.

“She has been telling people she won’t be going into the Big Brother house – and has tweeted as much.

“Big Brother bosses know that her opinions on Meghan would be as big a storyline as Stormy’s thoughts on Donald Trump. It would be a huge ratings winner.”

As true as that may be, do we really want to hear Samantha Markle bashing her own sister for the next few weeks?

Samantha has very publicly criticised her sister on multiple UK and US talk shows. She’s also hit out at Prince Harry for his part in their ‘family breakdown’.