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20th Aug 2017

The photo that proves Mamma Mia 2 rehearsals are going well for Pierce

He's more excited than the fans

Olivia Hayes

Rehearsals for the Mamma Mia sequel have begun.

And taking a quick look through social media, one of the main stars, Pierce Brosnan, is clearly loving it.

The actor confirmed that rehearsals are currently underway by sharing a number of photos on Instagram during the week.

And while Meryl Streep and Lily James make an appearance in the snaps, so does ABBA star Benny Anderson.

The pair are perched at what looks like a piano, so we can only guess that Pierce is going to be hitting those high notes again.

He captioned the picture: “Never thought his would happen again but, here I was last night once more, with the gracious and brilliant Mr Benny Anderson …ABBA.

“Recording at Air Studios for the next …”Here we go again, Mamma Mia” movie. Magic.”

Lily James seems to be a new member of the cast as she wasn’t in the original movie however, we can only guess that she’s going to be related to Meryl and Amanda Seyfried’s characters, Donna and Sophie, as she has that trademark blonde flowing hair.

The former Bond star also posted a picture of himself alone in the recording studio while saying those classic lines, “…knowing me knowing you, it’s the best I can do…Abba.”

…knowing me knowing you, it’s the best I can do…Abba

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Back in London Town for rehearsals …summer of 2017 … “Mamma Mia” …here we go again!!

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It looks like Pierce is having a grand ‘ol time at rehearsals, and we’re just hoping he posts more of these glorious pictures while filming.