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02nd Sep 2019

A Peaky Blinders theory may have identified the traitor in the Shelby family

The big question on Tommy Shelby’s mind.

As always, if you haven’t seen the most recent episodes of Peaky Blinders, consider this to be your spoiler alert warning.

With a a dangerous political rival in Oswald Mosley, a rival gang in the Billy Boys from Glasgow, PTSD issues, and various trust issues with Michael Gray, Tommy Shelby is in a precarious position as Season 5 of Peaky blinders unfolds.

To compound matters, plenty of people are also worried abut his health because Tommy has been coughing an awful lot in the latest episodes.

However, the main issue keeping Tommy awake at night is the mole in the Peaky Blinders.

In the second episode, we learned that Tommy had a dream about a black cat, which he believes signifies a betrayal.

Ultimately, as that episode developed, we saw Aberama Gold’s son being murdered and crucified. However, the whereabouts of the two men was a secret that only a few people knew about.

Aberama believed Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) had betrayed the Shelby family because he was one of the few people who knew where they were camped. Tommy, however, insisted he was wrong.

Truth be told, Johnny Dogs is far too loyal to betray Tommy.

However, quite a lot of people believe that Esme Shelby is the mole and the theory does hold up.

After all, Esme still blames Tommy for the death of her husband, John Shelby. It’s also worth remembering that she was formerly a member of the Lee clan and as we’ve seen, the Lees have plenty of bad blood with the Golds.

Esme was also frequently against Tommy’s plans to expand into London because she wanted a quieter life with her husband. Tommy’s actions also got her arrested during the Season 3 finale.

After seeing John’s body at the morgue, meanwhile, Esme cursed the Shelby men.

She also knows where Tommy’s mansion is, which could explain how people managed to plant those landmines on his property.

During an old Q&A session, Joe Cole (John Shelby) gave his views on the idea that Esme could ultimately prove to be a thorn in Tommy’s side and he did say that she’s “certainly not obvious” as a villain.

In terms of the other likely candidates that could possibly be the ‘black cat,’ the show is heavily leaning towards Michael Gray and his wife Gina.

After all, Tommy thinks Michael squandered their money by not listening to him before the Wall Street Crash. Michael also had to deny any dealings he may have had with the Billy Boys after the IRA captured him.

As for the other potential candidates, Linda and Lizzie might be strong contenders too.

Whoever the traitor is, the reveal is bound to be explosive.