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27th Dec 2017

One of the best movies in recent years is coming to Netflix this week

Perfect for a night in this week.
NetflixChiang Mai: Netflix website showing on screen laptop with macbook pro at cafe. Netflix being popular internationally

Perfect for a night in this week.

Christmas time is good for a lot of things… getting presents, meeting friends and family, eating and drinking more than you normally would, and of course, kicking up your feet and watching your favourite shows and movies.

Like us, you’ve probably exhausted every good title on Netflix in search of the perfect evening movie. Thankfully, your search is almost over, as a new one is about to be added and it’s one of the best movies of the last few years.

Spotlight is going to be added to the streaming site on Saturday, December 30.

The 2015 movie, which stars Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdam, tells the story of a team of reporters and editors at the Boston Globe who investigated a shocking child molestation cover-up by the Catholic Church.

It received three Golden Globe Award nominations, while at the Academy Awards it received six nominations, winning Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

Watch the trailer here: