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02nd Sep 2022

Olivia Wilde praises Florence Pugh as “ferociously talented” amid Don’t Worry Darling controversy

“I wanted so badly to have a nuanced, layered relationship.”

Olivia Wilde has praised Florence Pugh’s acting amid the consistently controversy surrounding her upcoming film, Don’t Worry Darling. 

The film, set for release this autumn, has been the subject of much chat over this past while following an interview actor Shia LaBeouf gave in which he denied that he had been fired from the set and shared that Wilde had apparently been critical of Pugh’s professionalism.

Pugh (or as she was named in Wilde’s email to LaBeouf – “Miss Flo”) has since stated that she will not be doing any press for the film outside of the Venice Film Festival, though it’s unclear whether this decision was made before or after the emails were printed.

Regardless, Wilde recently praised Pugh in a recent interview, despite the reported clashes between the two on set. 

“She’s ferociously talented. She was so dogged in her pursuit of the most authentic version of every moment,” the director told Interview Magazine.

“She also knew that my real goal was to create a love story that felt so sincere between her and Harry that people would be incapable of not falling for them as a couple. It had to be a love that felt real – it had to be passionate, but textured.

“I wanted so badly to have a nuanced, layered relationship that people would buy into despite knowing at times in the film that they shouldn’t. Even when the movie suggests you should question them, I wanted you to fight it.

“They’re both very loving people, and they knew that it’s the little moments that differentiate a performative love from an authentic love.”

The film, which also stars Wilde’s partner Harry Styles, is a thriller/mystery detailing the lives of a couple in the 1950s, whose idyllic surroundings may not be all that they seem.

Wilde added that Styles, in his first starring role, gave his all to the film. “Working with Harry, who’s obviously a musician, it was like there was no other option for him than to work as hard as possible and to commit to the scene as hard as possible. He never holds back,” she said.

“Oftentimes when it’s not your scene, and you’re in a supporting role, people give 80 percent. But even if he was way off camera, he was so there for everyone, and for the crew and production. The tone that he set was just a very positive force.”

Don’t Worry Darling is set for release later this month.