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04th Sep 2019

Nicole Kidman says they are ‘definitely exploring’ a third season of Big Little Lies

Keeley Ryan

Good news, Big Little Lies fans.

Nicole Kidman has said she and Reese Witherspoon are “definitely exploring” a third season of Big Little Lies. 

In an interview with Dan Wootton at the GQ Awards, she said:

“Reese and I just spoke literally two days ago and we were going ‘Yeah…’

“I mean, we were both saying it’s one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. It’s definitely not right now, but we’re definitely exploring it.”

So, if it does happen, it looks like we may be waiting awhile to find out what happened to the Monterey Five.

It comes as one of the stars of the show admitted the second season of the HBO show almost ended a very different way.

Poorna Jagannathan, who played Celeste’s lawyer in the second season of the HBO series, said that what aired during the season finale wasn’t the same as what was in her original script.

Speaking on Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast, she said:

“I read the script and I watched yesterday’s episode and I was like, ‘Oh my god there might be a season three!’

“It’s not the script I got!”

The actress went on to explain that the script she had gotten would have seen fans say a final farewell to one of the Monetary Five.

Yes, that’s right: either Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Celeste Wright, Jane Chapman, Renata Klein, or Bonnie Carlson was meant to be killed off.

She continued:

“One character doesn’t even make it. One character dies. It’s a different script.

“This version left the door open on something I thought was definitely closed.”

Jagannathan didn’t specify which one of the characters was saved in the finale that aired – however, many people have begun to guess that it was meant to be Bonnie.