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26th Mar 2023

Netflix confirms Joe Goldberg will return for the fifth and final season of You

Clodagh McKeon

While it’s disappointing, we’re excited for season 5

Netflix has confirmed that Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg is coming back to our screens one last time for the fifth and final season of You.

The streaming service announced on social media that one more season of You would be landing in 2024 to wrap up Joe’s story.

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In the most recent season, Joe was trying to put his murderous past behind him and live a low-key life as a professor in London.

But there’s never any rest for the wicked as Joe was plagued by messages from a new murderer who seemed to see right through his façade and thought it might be amusing to play a few games with him.

These were the kind of games that involved bodies piling up.

You star Penn Badgley had previously teased the prospect of one final season of the show, saying he thought there was space for ‘a grand finale’, and as it turns out Netflix bosses agreed with him.

We’re so excited!

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