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23rd Sep 2017

Meghan Markle’s ex is making a TV show that has raised a few eyebrows

It's eerily similar to her romance with Prince Harry.

Jade Hayden

trevor engelson

Absolutely not a coincidence.

A few weeks back, it was confirmed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were indeed a couple.

Speaking to Vanity Fair very candidly about their relationship, the Suits actress said that they were in love and that they kept their romance secret for a long time due to the publicity that undoubtedly comes with dating a member of the royal family.

While the pair have yet to formally announce any more progression in their relationship (ie, an engagement), it turns out that Meghan’s ex-husband has been speculating as to what life would be like if your ex was married to a royal.

And he’s doing it in the form a new TV show.

No, seriously, lads. He really is.

Trevor Engelson is a producer and his new show (currently untitled) will be a comedy on Fox. 

Deadline has reported that the show will explore the lives of a divorced couple as they share custody of their kids with the British royal family and deal with the tabloid press and all of that.

Now, Meghan and Trevor may not have had any kids together, but the similarities here are a bit too striking to ignore.

Ex-wife? Check.

Ex-wife now dating a member of the royal family? Check.

Ex-wife likely to marry that member of the royal family and have to deal with the tabloid press all the time? Check.

Ex-husband who can’t seem to get his head around it all? Double check.

Apparently, Trevor and another producer were joking about what his life would be like if he had kids and had to share custody with the royal family.

And so, the show was born.

Meghan and Trevor were married for two years. They divorced in 2013 and rarely speak publically about the time they spent together.

It remains to be seen whether Trevor’s new comedy show will be tongue-in-cheek, or if he’s just a bit bitter about the whole scenario and is taking it out through his ‘art.’

Either way, the whole thing seems a bit much and we’re not entirely sure we approve.