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01st Sep 2023

Lucy Kennedy reveals her ‘challenging interviewee’ in new Livin’ with Lucy

Jody Coffey

The new series of the show will see Lucy living with a whole new host of celebrities.

Ahead of the premiere of the new season of Livin’ With Lucy, the show’s presenter has revealed who was a ‘challenging’ interviewee.

Lucy Kennedy will live with an array of big names from a multitude of industries.

Since the show’s inception, the TV personality has lived with 54 celebrities, giving viewers insider access to their lifestyles.

In the upcoming season, Katie Price welcomes her into her home to live with her and her family, with Lucy labelling her interview as ‘challenging.’

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, she described the three days staying at Katie’s ‘mucky mansion’ as ‘very full on.’

“I really like Katie Price, she is great company; she has an Irish sense of humour. But she is very confident and very outspoken, so I found myself… She was a challenging interviewee.

“Definitely. Because she has been there, she has done it. She has done it so many times for so long that she was a challenge to live with, but would I go out for a drink with her? Absolutely.”

Lucy then said that Katie’s eldest son Harvey and his minder were at the home, as well as her dog, who has since passed away, two small children, and a newborn baby.

Despite this, she said Katie displayed a more casual side to her than the public may be familiar with seeing.

“I walked into a full house of just Katie Price,” Lucy explained.

“But then, when we were on our own… She is actually a very private person, which sounds so ironic, but in her home with the door closed and no make-up on, she’s no interest in the glamorous side of life.

“She walks around with no socks on. She is very casual. That surprised me about her and how casual she was so quickly. I think she is more comfortable in her own skin than people probably think,” Lucy revealed.

As well as Katie, sports broadcaster Des Cahill, Coronation Street star Simon Gregson, comedian Andrew Maxwell, and former footballer turned pundit Richard Sadlier were also added to the All-Star lineup for this season.

Speaking about her stays with the rest of the line-up, the TV personality told the publication that she believes people will be introduced to a different side of Des Cahill and that going on tour with Corrie’s Simon Gregson was a ‘surreal’ experience.

“I love Simon Gregson even more. Going on the set of Corrie with the Corrie cast member was bonkers. He really is Steve MacDonald. It’s really weird. It’s like he is not acting in Corrie, and he is just being himself.

“He is Steve. I kept calling him Steve. It was really embarrassing and unprofessional, but I adored my time with him, his wife, and his boys. He was definitely a pinch-me moment.”

The new series of Livin’ With Lucy will air on Virgin Media this autumn, and judging by Lucy’s comments, it cannot come quick enough.