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01st Feb 2023

Love Island first look: The recoupling causes a stir as two new bombshells enter the villa

Ellen Fitzpatrick


The last episode of Love Island saw the most heated drama of the series yet and after a cliffhanger left us all wondering what would happen next – we finally know.

With the teaser of a recoupling, the islanders all gather around the firepit as the boys choose who they want to be in a couple with.

With shocking new couples forming and connections lost, who is set to choose bombshell Samie and which of the girls will be going home?

Some of the islanders, however, have some thoughts on how Samie reacted to the recoupling and one says: “Samie’s a little bit dissapointed, she wanted you.”

The boy replies: “I know, I saw it in her face.”

But who could these mystery people be?

Later in the evening, Tanya and Shaq go for a chat and as they get cosy, Shaq says: “When I look into your eyes I see a whole future with you, I know that what we have is very special.”

Smiling, Shaq clearly has something he needs to say but what is it he wants to ask Tanya?

It’s a new day in the villa and as the girls are awoken, they are given a huge surprise.

Receiving a text, it reads: “Girls, head downstairs, get glam and grab a mimosa as Casey and Jordan are waiting for you at the pool #FreshMeat #MorningGlory.”

Not able to contain their excitement, one says: “I’m taking Jordan… you lot stay away.”

Another girl says: “Casey and Jordan, they’re going to be fit.”

As they get ready one of the other girls says: “The boys are getting a taste of their own medicine.”

As they head in, Casey says: “What I’m bringing to the Villa? Blue eyes, a cheeky smile and a lot better chat than the other lads. I’ve definitely got my eyes on a few girls in the Villa.”

New bombshell Jordan adds: “I think the other boys in the Villa should be worried about me because everyone’s up for grabs.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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