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09th Aug 2021

Love Island fans are convinced the producers have it in for Kaz

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Still our Queen.

Love Island fans have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on the show on a whole other level this year, and their latest rant is all about Kaz.

Deemed a queen in the villa, fans are now convinced that the producers have it in for her and are deliberately trying to make her look bad for the sake of entertainment.

This isn’t the first time they’ve accused the producers of doing something like this during this series, they are also convinced the same thing happened to Teddy after the postcard incident of Casa Amor and the clips during movie night.

When it came to Kaz, fans who once loved her started to completely rethink it all due to the situation between her, Matthew and Tyler.


Keeping the door open for Tyler, who was really trying to win her over, Kaz still wanted to get to know Matthew, but didn’t seem to want to put up with any of Kaz’s back and fourth.

Or so we thought.

Ending this abruptly, Kaz was shocked and confused as to why he left her and didn’t want to get to know her anymore.

A clip from Love Island Unseen Bits tells a whole other story, showing Kaz pulling all the girls aside to ask if she had handled everything okay and claiming that Matthew wasn’t giving 100% to the relationship.

And fans are not happy about how she’s been portrayed differently on two different shows.

One said: “The producers absolutely set Kaz up because the unseen bits is showing everyone knew Kaz and Matt weren’t vibing like that.”

Another said: “Kaz asked multiple people what to do about the Matt situation. Unseen bits has shown Matt wasn’t putting in that much effort. Tyler also showed on multiple occasions that he was still into Kaz. Dunno why the producers painted it the way they did.”

A third added: “So Matt has been giving Kaz 0 effort while Tyler has been grafting and you want me to feel bad for him. Unseen bits shows a lot you Kaz haters.”

Another wrote: “They made Kaz look like such a bad person only to show on the unseen bits that she isn’t.”