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17th Apr 2023

Love Is Blind fans fuming after Netflix ruined the reunion special

Clodagh McKeon

Love Is Blind reunion take two.

Love Is Blind viewers were left devastated following delays in the special reunion show that was supposed to air on Netflix last night.

Fans were promised a live stream show at 5pm PT, 1am GMT, but it never came.

It was the services second ever live stream show but it turned out to be an absolute disaster that left viewers watching nothing but a loading screen.

Subscribers were asked to join the waiting room 10 minutes prior to the show starting but instead, they were waiting over an hour.

Many people took to Twitter to share their frustrations.

One said: “Netflix f***ing up this Love Is Blind reunion so badly has forced me to sit silently and reflect on my life for the last 23 minutes and I do NOT like what I’m seeing.”

Another one wrote: “Me pretending like I don’t care about the Love Is Blind reunion so it loads.”

Actor Kevin Fredericks Tweeted: “Somebody who got laid off from Netflix did this before Love Is Blind went live.”

Clearly fans were very disappointed.

Netflix issued a statement apologising to viewers early this morning.

They wrote on their Twitter: “To everyone who stayed up late, woke up early, gave up their Sunday afternoon… we are incredibly sorry that the Love is Blind Live Reunion did not turn out as we had planned.

“We’re filming it now and we’ll have it on Netflix as soon as humanly possible. Again, thank you and sorry.”

They also confirmed that the reunion special will now air tonight at 7pm GMT time.

Hopefully this time around everything will go smoothly.

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