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21st Apr 2016

Katherine Heigl has finally spoken out about her time on Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Tannam

Katherine Heigl aka Izzy Stevens from Grey’s Anatomy has spoken out about the way she acted in 2008 when she withdrew her name from the Emmy Awards.

She originally said the material she was given (aka scripts by Shonda Rhimes) wasn’t good enough to warrant her inclusion in the nominees list.

She was speaking to Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show about how she apologised to Shonda Rhimes for her behaviour.

“I went in to Shonda (Rhimes) and said, ‘I’m so sorry. That wasn’t cool, and I should not have said that, and I shouldn’t have said anything publicly. I went in because I was really embarrassed.”

She ended up seeking professional help as a result of the scandal.

“I was not handling it well. I was feeling completely like the biggest piece of s**t on the bottom of your shoe.”

“I was really struggling with it and how to not take it all personally and not to feel that there’s something really deeply wrong with me.”

She also went on to tackle the remarks she made about Knocked Up being “a little sexist”.

“It was dumb… I liked the movie a lot. I just didn’t like me. She was kind of like, she was so judgemental and kind of uptight and controlling and all these things and I really went with it while we were doing it, and a lot of it, Judd allows everyone to be very free and improvise and whatever and afterwards, I was like, ‘Why is that where I went with this? What an a–hole she is!'”