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24th Mar 2023

Love Island star Jordan denies his and Zara’s relationship was “faked”

Clodagh McKeon

“They agreed to fake the relationship”

Fans are saying that Love Island star, Jordan Odofin claimed his relationship with Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown was “fake” but he has denied all of that speculation.

Apparently Jordan admitted his relationship with Zara was fake on a recent TikTok of his.

Both himself and Zara were in the Love Island villa this year however, they were never in the villa at the same time so their relationship grew on the outside.

Shortly after returning home from South Africa, the pair were dating.

Earlier this week, Zara posted a number of stories discussing red flags in relationships and other topics leading to speculation that the couple may have called things off.

They’ve since issued a statement to say their relationship is strictly friends only.

Since that, it’s been suggested that the pair were in a “fake” relationship with it having been claimed that Jordan stated this himself on social media.

One person took to Twitter to say that Jordan had alleged that him and Zara had “agreed to fake the relationship”.

Another wrote about Zara: “She is yet to respond to Jordan’s accusation of planned breakup.

“If it was a planned relationship and she came out to make him look bad, then she is more evil than I thought she was and I am really waiting for her to say its a lie.”

When someone else mentioned that Zara had posted about red flags before announcing the ‘break-up’ the person responded in reference to Jordan: “Exactly what I am saying, but the boy went on TikTok after to say, they agreed to fake the relationship or whatever you call 2 and half weeks.”

A spokesperson for Jordan told the Mirror that no such TikTok post ever existed.

The spokesperson added: “Jordan has stated officially that no such TikTok has ever been made.

“Jordan met Zara for the first time after exiting the house, they quickly realised they had good chemistry and enjoyed each other’s company.

“Currently they are just friends and where this will head is up to time and fate.”

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