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21st Dec 2023

Jeremy Allen White has exciting news for fans of The Bear

Anna Martin

the bear jeremy allen white

Start booking your tables at The Bear right now

Jeremy Allen White gave fans an exciting update on the production of season three and it seems things will get rolling really soon.

Appearing on the Today Show, the actor revealed that production will be kicking off at the start of 2024 and he already has plans to brush up on his knife skills.

“I think we’re going to get started up in like February, March,” the 32-year-old said.

“And I’m going to get together with some chefs in January and start prepping in the kitchen again—sharpening up the skills.”

the bear jeremy allen white
Credit: Getty

Though his role as Carmy has earned Jeremy recognition around the world, there is one other major benefit to playing the troubled chef – and his friends have been enjoying it too.

While filming his latest project with Zac Efron and Harris Dickinson down in Louisiana the trio barely had to pay for dinner.

“They kept us fed,” the father of two explained. “Shout out to all the wonderful restaurants in Baton Rouge. They really took care of us.”

To which Harris quipped: “It was the only reason I went to dinner with him.”

Jeremy has shown massive commitment to the role as in preparation to head his fictional kitchen, the actor worked in real award-winning restaurants including Pasjoli, a French restaurant in Santa Monica.

the bear jeremy allen white
Credit: Getty

Speaking to Gold Deby in June he said: “I spent a lot of time as a fly on the wall, and I’d help them prep where you can’t really screw up anything too badly.”

Then, on one “pretty busy night,” one of the chefs told him to “start cooking,” even though he was “so, so scared,” he revealed.

While fans wait for The Bear to begin filming next year, it has continued to prove its acclaim ahead of the 2024 awards season.

The series has already earned five nominations at the Golden Globes and four at the Critics’ Choice Awards.