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08th May 2023

Ireland AM presenters and viewers left in stitches over Anton Savage blunder live on air

Sophie Collins

Anton Savage, communion

“There are moments you should pause and there are moments you shouldn’t.”

Ireland AM presenters and viewers were left in stitches after a blunder made by Anton Savage as he, Katja Mia and Elaine Crowley discussed communions.

On Sunday morning, the three presenters were chatting about their own Holy Communions as thousands of kids across the country prepared for their big day.

In the short clip, shared on the Ireland AM Twitter, they talked about what they got up to on their special day.

Katja kicked off the chat by saying: “I need you to pause for a second and reflect back to our Holy Communion.”

Elaine then chimed in saying: “Oh lord.”

Katja then asked: “Anton what did you do for your Holy Communion?”

Anton replied: “I got to ride my cousins…,” before taking a long pause.

Elaine and Katja quickly burst into laughter as Anton realised his mistake, and Elaine added: “I’m glad you put a plural on that.”

Anton, who was also laughing at this point, started to blush before correcting himself and saying: “There are moments you should pause and there are moments you shouldn’t.

“I got to ride my cousin’s rally chopper bicycle.”

Ireland AM captioned the video on Twitter hilariously writing: “Anton did WHAT?!”

Viewers rushed to the comments with one writing: “Noooo, that is so funny,” while another joked: “And this is why Anton gets the Late Late gig”.

A third wrote on Twitter: “Find the pause. Love this.”


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