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05th Sep 2016

Holly and Philip introduce new (ADORABLE) member of the This Morning team


The This Morning team have a new four-legged friend.

Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield returned to the popular show today after a summer break and with them, came a new addition.

As regular viewers might know, Clover, the show’s canine companion, is now training to be a guide dog and so her half-sister has been drafted in.

The ADORABLE white labradoodle doesn’t have a name yet and so viewers were asked to come up with suggestions that start with L and have two syllables.

It seems that Holly suggested both Lettuce and Licky (ooookay) and in the end, Luna was decided as the perfect moniker.

Fans of the show were only delighted with Luna’s arrival on the show and somehow, I think she’s going to be everyone’s favourite member of the team.