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13th Jun 2019

Here’s how you can look at ALL your old Instagram bios for a trip down memory lane

Send help.

Well, this is gas.

From cryptic usernames to cringe email addresses, it’s safe to say we were all embarrassing in our younger years.

But now, we’ve found a way of checking our old Instagram bios and it’s giving us intense joy.

If you’re wondering when you finally realised there was no need to say “taken” or quote Bob Marley in your bio, you can now pinpoint the learning curve by following these steps.

One Twitter user shared the steps for accessing the younger you on her account and it goes as follows…

Since sharing the Instagram “hack”, many people have taken to underneath Morgan’s tweet to share some of their embarrassing bios of years past.

From an extensive use of emojis to extremely deep quotes – it’s safe to say people are now having a lol and wondering what the hell they were at.

This is truly gold.

Please share yours avec us by tweeting @herdotie