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06th Jul 2017

The Handmaid’s Tale writers want to cast Drake in season two

Well, that's unexpected.

Orlaith Condon

The Handmaid's Tale

Well, there’s a casting we weren’t expecting.

With just four episodes left until the season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale – we don’t think we’re emotionally ready – and we’re already buzzing for season two.

And it looks like the show could be adding a few familiar faces to the mix, if Margaret Atwood has her way.

The Canadian author of the book that the show is based on says there is one of her fellow countrymen she would love to have make an appearance on the intense drama – Drake.

Yes, Atwood says that while she has never met Drake she would love to feature more Canadians in the Toronto-filmed show.

“I haven’t met Drake,” she told Boston Review. “But you have to realise how o-l-d I am.

“I’m not likely to go to the same parties. Or many parties at all, to be frank.”

Teasing that she would use her pull to get the rapper on board, Atwood thinks the short commute would make it more enticing for him.

“Wouldn’t it be fun for him to have a cameo in season two?

“I’ll drop that notion into the ear of the showrunner and see what he can do with that, because of course the show is filmed in Toronto.

“Maybe Drake could help smuggle someone out?”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for this cameo. Although, we’re not sure who the rapper would play… another commander maybe?