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07th Jan 2016

Guy Fieri’s $700 Superbowl Buffet Is Insane

We can feel the meat sweats happening already.

Ellen Tannam

Guy Fieri is known of course as one of the Food Network’s best-loved personalities. The chef, best known for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is notorious for his excessive and outlandish love of all things barbecued and fried.

The chef and TV personality will be hosting a Super Bowl Party on February 7th and the buffet costs a whopping $700 per person. But judging by the sheer extent of the menu on offer, it almost seems worthwhile:guyfieri

Source: SuperSundayHQ

There will be an ENTIRE BAR devoted to Mac and Cheese, and obviously pigs on spits because this is AMERICA.

Fieri  owns several restaurants, including one called Tex Wasabi’s which is a hybrid of Mexican and Japanese food (sounds interesting), and Johnny Garlic’s which is the best name for a restaurant we have ever heard. I’m opening one called Barry Onion’s.

Tickets are selling fast, so get in now if you want to actually feel your arteries clog in real time!

Lead Image via FirstWeFeast