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24th Jul 2019

Four Love Islanders are being DUMPED tonight, and we’re absolutely shook

Rebecca O'Keeffe

love island

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Oh shit…

So last night, things absolutely kicked off in the Love Island villa.

Jordan announced that his head was being turned in the direction of India, leaving Anna quite annoyed.

And when I say annoyed, I mean it all ended in a massive screaming match.

So yeah, it was a lot.

And it looks like we’re in for even more drama tonight, as four Islanders are being dumped from the villa.

Yep, an insider confirmed to the Mirror Online this morning that four Love Island contestants will be kicked out of the villa this evening after the public vote.

We’re not okay.

Last night, Jordan pulled India for a chat, where he admitted that he had feelings for her. Yikes.

love island

Jordan said:

“Just wanted to pull you because, this is a bit of a tough conversation to have with you but we need to have it.”

“Obviously I know that you are getting on with Ovie, I’m not trying to get in the way of that, but I feel like I just need to get some of this off my chest.”

“Over the past couple of days I’ve found myself gravitating towards you.”


“I feel, like, over the past couple of days I’ve found myself gravitating towards you and looking forward to bumping into you in the kitchen, washing up and stuff.”

Despite this declaration, India did make it clear that she only saw Jordan as a “mate.”

Then fast forward a few minutes, and it was like a full on scene from Jerry Springer.

Tonight should be interesting…