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08th Oct 2016

First trailer for the Power Rangers reboot looks VERY different to how you remember it

They're going for something more serious.

Matt Tate

Anyone who grew up watching Power Rangers will remember it as cheesy and over-the-top.

Some people really loved the show, others enjoyed it… ironically. Either way, the first trailer for the upcoming movie reboot has just landed and it looks nothing like the Power Rangers you remember.

That’s not to say it looks completely terrible – it’s just that in our collective minds the Mighty Morphin heroes should look something like this…

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 17.02.14

But in the teaser that debut’d at New York Comic-Con today it’s very clear that Lionsgate are going for a decidedly more serious tone, so say goodbye to silliness in spandex.

The reboot is a full-blown origin story, so initially we meet five angsty teenagers who’re getting a rough time from the school bullies and don’t know they’re destined to be suited-up superheroes. One of them looks remarkably like Zac Efron – but isn’t.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 17.43.09

Anyway, the gang appear to be on some sort of illegal rock climbing trip when they randomly stumble upon their Power Coins. Cue sudden six packs, death-defying cliff leaps and accidentally punching chunks out of the sink. The Rangers are born.

Unfortunately we don’t get a glimpse of Bryan Cranston’s Zordon just yet, and the Power-Ranger-gets-in-suit-for-first-time moment you were waiting for is cruelly yanked away as it’s about to happen.

But we do get a brief shot of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, and the trailer fades out with a few bars of that theme tune you recall so well from your childhood. Let’s give it a chance, yeah?