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16th Feb 2015

Fifty Shades a Phenomenon – How Mr. Grey is Performing at the Box Office

Here's how Irish cinema-goers are reacting to the film adaptation.

Rebecca McKnight

It is without question one of the most talked about movies of the last decade – and it appears that Irish cinema-goers have put their money where their mouths are for Fifty Shades of Grey

The big screen adaptation of the first in E.L. James’ trilogy finally landed in cinemas on Friday, February 13th and the box office returns suggest that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are proving very popular indeed.

In fact, Fifty Shades has taken a record-breaking €1.34m at the all-Ireland box office after its first three days on release.

Amongst the records broken by the film:

Highest 2015 Opener

1)      Fifty Shades of Grey – €1,341,777

2)      Taken 3 – €712,061

3)      American Sniper  – €481,322

Biggest 18 Cert Opening of All-Time

After Hannibal (€889,222)

Biggest February Opening of All-Time

Beating Star Wars: Ep.1 The Phantom Menace (€1.1m)

Biggest Universal Opening of All-time

Ahead of  TED (€1.11m)

10th Biggest All-Time Opening

After Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Pt.2 (€2.05m), The Dark Knight Rises(€2.02m), The Simpsons (€1.97m), Shrek the Third (€1.81m, Quantum of Solace (€1.75m), Shrek 2 (€1.68m),  Skyfall (€1.6m), The Dark Knight (€1.45m), Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone (€1.37m).