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26th Mar 2022

Everyone’s talking about Andrew Porter’s girlfriend’s reaction to his head shave on The Late Late

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Her face was priceless.

Rugby star Andrew Porter’s girlfriend has got the internet talking after her brief moment on The Late Late Show last night.

When her other half shaved his head on live TV, she couldn’t hide her feelings for seeing a much balder version of the man she loves.

Elaine Sutton watched from the audience as her boyfriend took to his blonde locks and shaved them off to raise money for The Irish Cancer society’s Daffodil Day.

The Leinster and Ireland rugby player told Ryann Tubridy that he wanted to dedicate the new transformation to his close friend whose dad unfortunately his battling cancer at the moment.

As the shaving process went ahead, Ryan was already joking that Elain had left the building.

“Just to let you know your girlfriend Elaine has left, she’s gone home. She said ‘that’s not the guy I signed up for,'” he joked.

The camera then cut to Elaine as Ryan asked about her thoughts on the whole thing after Andrew mentioned that she’s a big fan of her longer locks.

Saying that his hair “suited him”, Elaine said: “Ehhh…” as she added “to be determined.”

It was when she got a glimpse of the back which was still covered in hair, her jaw dropped.

“Elaine, how would you feel about that? Full Lion King vibe there?”

“I’m not sure,” she said but still managed to crack a smile and clap along despite her obvious heartbreak.

Jokingly, Ryan gave her a lock of her boyfriend’s hair to “keep for ever and ever” but Elaine couldn’t help but be a little creeped out by it.

Andrew also made some jokes once his har was gone, saying the room got noticeably colder one his head had been shaved.

While it was all a bit of fun, the cause was close to Andrew’s heart as he sadly lost his own mum to cancer when he was only 12.