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12th Sep 2023

Everyone was saying the same thing about Davina McCall’s new Love Island-style show

A brand new dating series started on ITV last night, and hailed as the ‘middle-aged Love Island,’ it’s already getting a great reaction online.

It’s called My Mum, Your Dad and is hosted by the one and only Davina McCall. The dating series sees single parents looking for love move into a countryside resort where they get to know other single parents, but their grown up children will also take part, as the twist is that their children will be watching their parents from a nearby location called ‘The Bunker’, where they’ll see their parents go on dates.

The main reaction so far to the show is to praise the passion and enthusiasm of the show’s presenter, Davina, who many will know and love from her decade-long stint as the host of Big Brother UK, and her many other TV projects over the years.

Her warmth and wit were being praised online last night.

As well as many commenters mentioning Davina, delighted she’s back on their screens, many were also complimenting the show’s soundtrack.