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27th Aug 2019

Everyone was on EDGE after this moment on The Great British Bake Off tonight

The stress!

The absolute fear.

Tonight, the Great British Bake Off returned to our screens after a long-anticipated wait.

And like expected, night one did not disappoint. We saw the bakers take on a serious of challenges which included creating a showstopper piece, angel cake slices and a fruitcake.

But it was one technical aspect of the fruitcake test that had everyone on edge tonight.

While creating a decorative iced house for his 400-year-old Wood Street fruitcake, 20-year-old student, Henry accidentally dropped the house causing it to land on the counter and break into pieces.

The absolute stress and this is only episode one y’all.

And thankfully, although Henry’s pièce de résistance fell apart, the judges still praised his efforts.

“Henry, you’ve made a very good cake” chimed the judges. As Henry replied with a sigh:

“Oh thank god.”

Bless his heart, we need to protect him at all costs.