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25th Feb 2018

Everyone was blown away by this Galway rapper on last night’s Ireland’s Got Talent

Jade Hayden

aaron j

Some lad.

It wouldn’t be your regular run-of-the-mill reality talent show, if you didn’t have an act to send everybody into absolute floods every week or so.

Whether it’s a little girl dancing with her dog, an old man playing the spoons, or a dad-of-four doing a jig, chances are somebody’s going to cry… and somebody else is going to get themselves a spot in the final.

Aaron J Hart is more talented than all of those people.

The Galway born rapper took to the Ireland’s Got Talent stage last night to showcase just how talented he is – and to make just about everybody have a bit of a sob while he was at it.

The 24-year-old performed an original rap he had written had ‘Show Pain.’

The song was about his own experiences with depression, being homeless, and growing up with a drug-dependent parent.

Aaron J said that living like this pushed him to become a song-writer.

“Bad experiences defined me.

“Me and my mother… we would sleep in parks and at the back of shopping centres, wherever there was a bit of warmth really.

“If I didn’t have writing, I wouldn’t be here today. I want people to hear the song and maybe I could be a voice for people who are afraid to speak up.”

People did hear the song – and they were absolutely blown away by it.

Michelle Visage said that rap and the message behind it hit her pretty hard, while Denise Van Outen admitted that while she wasn’t usually that into rap, she “understood every single word.”

Louis Walsh also said that he wasn’t expecting Aaron J to be so talented, and Jason Byrne called his performance “brave and beautiful.”

Naturally, all of the judge’s were unanimous in their decision to send Aaron J through… and thank god too because he’s probably the best thing to ever stand on that stage.

You can watch Aaron J’s full performance here. 

Ireland’s Got Talent continues next Saturday on TV3.