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27th Nov 2017

Viewers fell in love with the same animal on Blue Planet II

Are universal "D'AAAWWWWW!" could be heard around the world.

Rory Cashin

Last night’s episode of Blue Planet II was pretty jam-packed with highlights, wasn’t it?

Let us just quickly recap:

  • The squid eating the crab
  • The squid then poking a shark in the gill
  • The squid then hiding from the shark using shells
  • The nasty soft crabs getting out from their hard shells
  • The giant ray that tried to eat the soft crab but totally failing
  • The sea urchins being total D*CKS
  • The cuttlefish pretending to change gender just so they can hook up on the sly? Naughty!

But even with all of this, the thing that stuck in everyone’s mind was just how insanely, adorably cute the sea otters were.

With the baby otters not even being able to swim? And the mammy’s having to eat 30% of their own body weight just to get through the day? And them all loving to hug and hang out? We’ve never felt closer to the animal kingdom than we do right now.

And neither, obviously, did any of you…